Namirah Trade International (Export & Import)

Who We Are?

An import-exporting company, the company has been importing various products to meet the demand of the country for the past few years.

As an exporter and Namirah Trade International is playing a significant role in earning foreign currency.

Namirah Trading has valuable customers all over the world and this company is working with various leading brands, shops, departmental stores, retailers in USA, Europe, UK, Canada, Germany, Hong-Kong etc as an agent and have built and trying to build a good partnership with our buyers. We are connected with renowned supplier and retailer, e-commerce, dealers in Bangladesh.

We have established a good relationship and fair dealing agreement with our suppliers. Now it has become easier for us to prepare samples, order processing, making report, quality control, production follow up and trustworthy logistics support.

Our Products

Consumables, Perfumes, Cosmetics, Baby Food Products, Clothing, Heavy machinery etc.

Agricultural Products, Readymade Garments, Sea foods etc.


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