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Who We Are?

Bangladesh is a developing country. In various parts of the country widespread development is going on and it will continue in the future. Namirah Trade International is proudly partnering of this development work in the country. The company is a significant partner in the construction of the Ruppur nuclear power plant providing the necessary material for the construction.

From leadership down to our groondpeople on the frontline, we help people be all they can be and more. Integrity isn’t simply a catchphrase we use lightly– it is built into our processes, recognized in our culture, and cultivated in our people. We are intentional, persistent, and competitive. To keep promise, we do whatever it takes to see it through.

We like being in the thick of things. We thrive on genuine relationships that are built by tackling tough projects and solving problems – together. At our core, we are happy to do the work we do, and that’s what keeps us going for the long haul.

Our Services

Heavy machinery, Construction materials supply etc.


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